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Forex Signals

About Us

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    95% successful deals. Best Wishes for successful trading from our team!

About us:
You are searching for free or paid for FOREX signals
This is the exact place for you!

We are offering FOREX signals as a free or paid for service. Our service is based on FOREX strategies and techniques that we have developed through the years and that have proven to be able to generate stable earnings for us and our clients.
Please keep in mind, that we don’t offer a quick “how to get rich” scheme, because this simply is not possible in a short period of time. In FOREX trading repeating earnings are fact for those, who use intelligent trading strategies, who possess strong discipline and take moderate risks.  Every one of you who have suffered great loses must realise that the time to search for qualified help and advice has come!
Help and advice is what we offer!
Our services are based on the values already mentioned above! Our extensive, over ten year experience in FOREX trading shows, that the long lasting relationship with our clients is most beneficial for both parties.

HotForex Bonus

What do you have to do to get our free FOREX signals?


  • You have to open a real account with one of our trusted (HOTFOREX) agents and put some money into the account.


  • Send us an e-mail with the HOTFOREX account number and we will add you to our list of customers. After that you will start receiving FOREX trading signals. For those you will use your HOTFOREX account. It is so easy!


Is there another way to receive our FOREX signals?
Yes, we offer paid for FOREX signals. For this service you pay a monthly subscription fee and you don’t have to register with our agent.

About the signals!

Our strategy is based on the one hour, four hours and daily chart and has proven to be reliable and profitable. The signals are 2 to 5 per week. This brings revenue of 20% to 50% on a monthly basis. Sometimes the revenue can exceed those percentages. All that is with 1% or 2% risk per deal. The risk is evaluated beforehand for every deal. We could decide to take a bigger risk, but we strongly advise you to follow strictly our rules.

The list of currency pairs we deal with includes:
Very rarely we deal with any other currency pair.
The number of signals can vary. It is usually between 2 to 5 signals weekly, sometimes less or more when the market is inactive (consolidates) or either the European or American markets are closed.
The Profitability achieved by us varies between 80-150 pips per deal, sometimes more. The stoploss is around 40-80 pips. Some of the deals can bring you as much as 200 pips and more.

We will give you entrance and exit prices. We will also advise you where you could receive your profit.
When you take an active position we will warn you when to close in order to earn more or restrict the loss if that might be the case.
To register for our free FOREX signals follow this link.

If you want to subscribe for the paid FOREX signals     to continue.


After registering in an e-mail you will receive detailed information about receiving the FOREX signals.


 Best Wishes for successful trading from our team!