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Free Forex Signals| FAQs | Freeforexsignals24.com


 What do I get with you?
You’ll get Free Forex signals on the following currency pairs : EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, EURJPY via E-mail, SMS or Trade copier depending on which delivery method you choose!
 How can I get the Free signals?
  • Open up and fund a live trading account with Hot Forex broker and use your account for trading purposes!
  • Then just let us know via e-mail what is your live Hot Forex account number and we will add you to the client Forex signals mailing list. This means you will start receiving our alerts and will keep on getting the alerts as long as you use your Hot Forex account. As simple as that!
 What are Signals via SMS ?
Our team offers you several choices in order to suit every customer’s needs! Our service has been divided into two core block: Free Forex Signals and Forex signals with monthly subscription plan!
In case you are not satisfied with using a live account at Hot Forex or you  need an alternative method of signal delivery besides  e-mail, you may take advantage of our two monthly subscription plans: Signals via SMS.
What kind of experience do you have?
We have been trading Forex for years. Our trading team consists of professional market participants, each one having between 7 – 10 years experience! Most of us are niche traders, who have studied a single currency pair close to perfection!
 How many signals should I expect to receive from you each month?
The number of monthly signals is between 20 and 50! Please note that you may not get signals every day. We are targeting profits NOT huge quantity of alerts!
 Is there a specific time when you send the signals?
Trading period is between 8am GMT and 2pm GMT every day, but typically we have morning and afternoon signals sessions. So most of the time we trade between 7 am-11 am GMT and then after 1 pm GMT.
 Do you provide Exit/Close levels?
Yes we do! After a trade is placed, we monitor it’s development and if necessary you’ll get an exit/close alert, i.e. before the Take profit price is hit.
 Are all orders pending?
Most of them are pending orders (Sellstop and Buystop), but we use this type of market entry, because we think it’s easier for traders to place their orders at the same price. On the other hand we don’t want to give out signals in vain, so we always make sure that the entry levels we provide are adequate and will be triggered.
 How much time on average will I get to enter the trade after the alert is sent?
We tend to send the alerts before the actual movement occurs, so you’ll have on average 10-15 minutes or even longer to enter the market, which is plenty of time.
 How are the trades generated? Are you scalping?
We are not scalping! Our signals are based on concrete Intraday trading analysis, using systems that we have adopted and improved throughout the years we’ve been on the market.
Where can I find info on your past performance?
A detailed information about our historic performance is uploaded in the Performance section of this website. There you will find the latest numbers for monthly returns, uploaded as downloadable files.
What is the max level of risk that I should be taking?
Our professional advice is that you should not be tempted to trade with more than 5-10% of your available account balance. We provide trading recommendations and each one of our subscribers MUST DECIDE INDEPENDENTLY, what is his/her risk appetite. Freeforexsignals24.com team MUST NOT be held accountable for any big losses, coming from RECKLESS trading practices appointed by any of our clients.
We didn’t answer your question! Please use our Contact form and we’ll reply back in 24hrs or send us an e-mail to: admin@freeforexsignals24.com, support@freeforexsignals24.com or info@freeforexsignals24.com